Types of Mirrors and Making a Choice

Adding style and panache to a room is easy if you plan to include a mirror in the décor. It can define the existing details in a room and highlight the appearance. These works apt for lighting up rooms which are dark, making them invite. This offers the specific room a focal point.

You have a wide range of these mirrors in different shapes, styles and design and making the apt choice can get easier if you follow a few tips. Consider the factors listed below so that you do not make any mistake in choosing a mirror.

Style: Mirrors without frames can create the required effect in a room by their size and shape. If opting for a framed mirror, concentrate on the style of the frame. You have a choice between the plastic, wooden and the metal frames. For the dramatic look you can think of the ornate mirror which has a glided frame. This also creates a strong focal point. For instant appeal, the mosaic styled frame for a mirror is apt.

Shape: The most common mirrors available these days are either rectangular or square in shape. Besides this, you also have a choice between the round, oval and the hexagon shaped ones. You need to consider the style of the room where you wish to place this mirror to determine the right shape. The rectangular or the square shaped mirrors offer a traditional look and simplicity can be expressed by making a choice of the round mirror. You can also think of getting the mirror customized according to your requirement.

Size: The size of the mirror makes all the difference to the looks of a room. Consider the size of the wall before conducting a search for a mirror. You also need to consider the impact you wish to make with the placing of a mirror. A large mirror can make a huge impact and is most suited to the living room, dining room and even the bedroom.  Besides this, you need to decide whether the mirror is being used only for decorative purposes or for practical purpose also. This can make a difference in the size.

Color: When making a choice of the color of the frame, consider the décor of your home, or more specifically the room you need to place this in. A wooden frame or the basic white or black ones can work well for any décor. For a formal or modern look, opt for the glided metals like silver and gold. A colored frame should enhance the total look of a room and blend well.

Some information on Kinds of mirrors:

As there are different types of mirrors available, a little information on these can help you choose better.

  1. Plane Mirrors:

These mirrors have a reflective surface which is planar or even flat. This offers a virtual image of the same size of the object.

  1. One way or two-way Mirrors:

Mirrors of this type are partially transparent and reflective. These types of mirrors are normally used in rooms for interrogation. With these mirrors you can see in the inside of a room but not on the outside.

  1. Spherical Mirrors:

These mirrors can either be convex of concave with the glass curving inward. These types of mirrors create an enlarged image, working well for shaving purposes. The convex mirrors tend to produce an image which is smaller than the actual image.

With all the above information and tips, you can conduct an online search for suppliers offering different types of mirrors. You can compare the prices before opting for a specific supplier so that you save some money.

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