Rules and regulations of a Texas divorce

Divorces are a messy process. Divorce rate of some countries are high whereas in certain countries the divorce rate is low. If the divorce happens with the agreement of both the parties then the divorce is a lot less hectic. But when one party in the marriage does not agree to go through this whole divorce process then it can be a little difficult. Divorces generally involve court rooms and lawyers but no there are certain laws that even give you permission to get divorce through online. Let us focus how this whole divorce process works in Texas.

Tips for getting a non-hectic divorce in Texas

One main question is where to file for divorces in Texas. You can get a divorce by going into the court room which maybe more costly. In Texas you can also get divorced through online.

If you become unemployed during getting the divorce then you must inform the court about it by filling out a Notice of Employer’s Address. Mark the “I am unemployed” on the Notice of Employer’s Address form. Then you have to File the form with the clerk and then send a stamped file copy of the mentioned form to the other party and also the State Case registry. You can send it through fax, email, commercial delivery service or by personal delivery.

Even when the divorce case is done then it is advised to keep the court updated on your current whereabouts and personal details. This is because it will have an effect in child support payment processing. It can also effect the location of children exchange for visitations. This also protects your legal right to notice.

Step wise explanation on how to get a divorce in Texas

Step 1: First you have to fill out the right form.

The Notice of Current address a D Notice of Employer’s address is the forms that are needed to be filled out. Always remember to fill out the forms in black or blue ink. One might have his or her Texas driver’s license number in that case you should provide your Texas identification number or the out of state drivers license number if you do not live in Texas.

It is always good to sign and date the certificate of service.

Step 2: Now one must turn in the Notice of current address or notice of employer’s address form to the clerk’s office and remember to get a copy each for you and your spouse. The file should be submitted.

Step 3: Now you need to send the notice of Current address or notice of employer’s address form to your spouse the day you file your form. If you spouse has a lawyer send it to her or him. You can send the file to your spouse or the lawyer through various methods. You can send the file through fax. You can email it. You can use a commercial delivery service or you can even make a personal delivery. Other process is certified mail and regular mail but they are slow methods.

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