It Looks Like A Lego Or Tinkertoy But It’s Modular Scaffolding

Much like modular homes who turned the corner to success decades ago, modular scaffolding will probably be in your rearview mirror soon. But it is not built with Legos or a Tinkertoy; modular scaffolding is the real thing. And if you’re planning to construct a new building, church, hospital, medical center or school, modular scaffolding is probably the most convenient to use when the building construction looks, well, complicated – think a hexagonal fa├žade which is often difficult to erect. To be honest, in cases like this modular scaffolding is a better choice simply because modular scaffolding can be quickly adjusted to each shape, and can be erected inside or outside the structure. Here is how that works, folks. When a developer choses a modular scaffolding system it consists of many different single parts that can be combined flexibly with any of the other parts. Also, using the modular approach there is a “plus” factor advantage for storing and transporting stuff that can be easily stacked and put out of Mother Natures way.

Working Conditions Using Modular Scaffolding? How Do You Spell “Safe”!

On occasion when a builder uses a new product to build something like a modular scaffold building, safe working conditions will take the forefront. Working conditions are completely covered without gaps and ahead of time and simple conversions are made to accommodate minefields or other obstructions.

* Non-slip – The perforated surface of the decking provides a very high level of safety

* Installation is easy and quick and safely mounted with the “gravity lock” and self locking decks.

* Modular scaffolding has a high load-bearing capacity due to the special node rigidity and huge loadability of the connection.

It’s Modular And Made Of Aluminum!

It is probably the most versatile scaffold money can buy. And best of all, a modular scaffolding product can be constructed over, under or around nearly anything. It is light and durable and quick to be put together and dismantled. Another note worth mentioning is that to protect the system against that nasty word “corrosion, all the modular scaffolding components have been hot-dipped galvanized.

Note: modular scaffolding has recently developed a rather strong customer following in the medical, nuclear and refining industries. One of the major reasons for all this positive action is that this modular scaffolding method is safe and proven to be second to none with the best features and increased value offered.

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