Hml – get paid to recycle your old motor

When your old car comes to the end of its life, what are you going to do with it? Leave it parked on your driveway? Take it to the scrap dealer? Dump it somewhere? In the past, scrap dealers would pay to take your old car away but this does not happen so much now and although they might pay you for the old car, you will usually have to deliver it to them. Remember that one man’s junk is another’s treasure so it could be to your advantage to recycle your old car with a scrap dealer who is willing to give you something for it.

The first thing to do is to look for scrap dealers who take old vehicles. Not all will pay you for your old car, so do a bit of research first. The scrappy needs to make something out of the deal as well and by recycling and selling parts, they can make some good money. They will need to know a bit about your old car such as, make, model, year of manufacture and what is wrong with it. If they are not interested, do not despair, there could be several reasons why they don’t want it and it could just be that they have too many of that type of car already in stock, so try somewhere else.

The amount of money you will be offered will vary from dealer to dealer, so get a few quotes so that you can compare and be sure that you are being offered a reasonable price. Obviously, you will not be offered anywhere near the value of the vehicle if it were in good roadworthy condition. So, once you have chosen a scrap dealer to buy your old car, make sure you empty the vehicle of all your possessions and clear out any rubbish. Yes, it is going for scrap but nobody wants to have to dispose of somebody else’s rubbish. You will need to bring the log book and keys. As the car is going to be scrapped, you will need to fill in the appropriate section of the V5C form and get the dealer to sign the paperwork and then you must send it off to the DVLA. It is very important that you do this yourself because if there are any issues, you as the last keeper of the vehicle will be contacted. The correct paperwork will be required for the dealer, they will not want to have to spend time trying to get paperwork or have to do extensive checks to make sure the car has not been stolen.

If you can’t drive the car to the yard, you will need to arrange a tow or a lift on a trailer. Hiring a professional could be very expensive, so it would be a good idea to try and make your own way there or get some friends to help you out. Once you have delivered the car, sorted the paperwork and received your payment, you can then leave knowing that as many salvageable parts as possible will be taken from your car and sold on and the rest of the car will be crushed and recycled.

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